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No longer is the garage just a storage room for homes or a place to park your cars to hide them from the weather. They have become an extension of the living space where homeowners are spending more time, not just in the warm months, but year round.

garage floor coatings

Homebuilders and their customers are paying more attention to the finish and detail of the garage all the way down to the concrete floor.

Concrete garage floors don't have to be the conventional, boring gray surface that we're all accustomed to. From staining, to painting, to elaborate overlays, garage floors can be as inviting as flooring in the house, making the garage an ideal place to have parties or put together an organized shop or showroom. The best part is many of options for a garage concrete floor can be done by you without having to pay a professional.

Besides adding aesthetic appeal, garage floor coatings and toppings protect the floor from vehicle traffic, oil and grease stains, and road salt, adding many years to the life of the floor. A good clear coat of sealer on top of any finish makes cleaning the floor much easier.